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Stallion services and semen collection


Semen is collected using an AV (artificial vagina) when the stallion mounts the dummy/phantom and then assessed before being placed in an extender medium. The optimal sperm concentration should be between 30-50 million sperm per 1 ml. The extender medium (EquiPlus is commonly used) enables the sperm to survive the drop in temperature when placed in a cooled shipping container and the lengthy travel time when on-route.


Transport of your stallion's semen can be organised through Qantas Freight (same day delivery to Melbourne and Sydney), Toll and TNT. A sample is kept in-house and tested for quality control at the time the shipped semen reaches its destination.

Please note,


  • Performance stallions can stay in work and/or competition while residing at Davidson Equestrian for collection.

  • We have purpose-built stallion paddocks with 6 ft high cattle rail fencing with electric standoffs.

  • Shane was previously involved with the stallion collection and the overall maintenance and care of the breeding stallions at established and renowned German studs, Zuchthof Klatte and Hengststation Sosath

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