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Davidson Veterinary

Shane and Mattea are leaders in the field of elite sport horse breeding. Their well-established experience in competing, training and instructing means they have a clear vision on how to produce a quality horse for the discipline it is best suited for – from a young foal through to an international-level competition horse. This is achieved by focusing on producing a manageable number of horses, placing quality over quantity and by correctly training horses from the very outset.


Working at renowned German studs such as Zuchthof Klatte and Hof Sosath allowed Shane to tap into the large wealth of knowledge that only European sport horse breeders possess. His involvement in the day to day proceedings of these studs provided him with invaluable insight into the reasoning and planning behind elite sport horse breeding.

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Shane was involved with the management of stallion collection as well as the overall maintenance and care of the breeding stallions at Zuchthof Klatte (with influential stallions Grannus and Argentinus) and Hengststation Sosath (standing Landor S and Lordanos).

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As a qualified and experienced veterinarian Mattea is on-site to do all the stud work, scanning and insemination. She prides herself on being very particular about the welfare of all horses to ensure health and fitness levels are maintained to the highest standards.

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Mattea is a member of the Australian Veterinary Association (the only professional association representing veterinarians across Australia), the Equine Veterinarians Australia group and the World Equestrian Federation FEI.

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